Grayson Hjaltalin
Product designer

Microsoft's Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI

Small side note: There are a lot of designs currently in the engineering stage and are not currently shown here. Sorry!


Power BI is platform created for anyone to use. From a highly technical data analysis to a simple viewer looking to experience dashboards and reports to check their YTD. Power BI is built to track a broad scope of data sets from checking the highway toll traffic to daily sales ops. I, along with a great group of designers, engineers and PMs continue to bring a quality experience for those looking to simplify their most complex data. 



We created this idea of apps inside Power BI making it easier for content creators to package up artifacts into one single solution for their peers to consume. With customize branding and an internal App store inside Power BI. Viewers now have a lot of content at their finger tips.



One of the harder challenges was the navigation because it effected everyone daily interactions. We began with a bloated left navigation that had a lot of people confused with no indication of where in the product content lived or even where they were at that moment.



After wire framing, listing out needs, use cases, we started with a simplified version of the navigation which solved the bloated feeling the old navigation had. Though after user research we noticed people still didn’t understand where things lived. We did a few more revisions on the navigation which ended up being a blend between the old and the very highly simplified version. We also introduced a breadcrumb pattern in our top navigation bar to help with the “I don’t know where I am” moments that some came accross. We continue to get feedback on the navigation as we are very proactive about looking in ways to improve it.