Grayson Hjaltalin
Product designer


All logos have been either removed or blurred from the mockups due to Salesforce's security. Thanks for understanding.


Internal tools

Simple Demo Org

A way to spin up demo organizations for design use. We packaged up simple solutions for showcasing the full end-to-end solution.


ROI Value Tool

A way for customers to balance the cost of different Salesforce offering and how much in return their company could gain over a period of time.

Pomodoro App

An engineer and I on the team had fun with a hackathon project where we used the Salesforce platform to create something that we internally could use daily. We created this idea of a Pomodoro app that could link to your daily todos, then rate those todos on a scale. Once they were rated that would map out to your day based on the timer. It was a pure fun productivity project that we got to create. 


Multi-device surface designs

Persona walk-through and device/product mapping


Dashboard and community designs

Mobile design focused on a specific workflow for physicians